What does the Deputy Minister of Health recommend that industrial parks do to be safe during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Through the actual inspection of more than 200 factories and enterprises, the Ministry of Health delegations noted that there are a number of factories and enterprises in some localities that are still limited in epidemic prevention and control; The number of businesses and factories updating the Covid Safety map only reaches 5-10%…

At the online training session on COVID-19 prevention at workplaces and industrial parks with all 63 provinces and cities organized by the Ministry of Health yesterday, Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen, Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, said that from May 5/2020, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control has issued Decision 2194 guiding prevention and control, assess the risk of COVID-19 infection in workplaces and dormitories.

Over the past time, the Ministry of Health has also organized many training and guidance conferences and has inspected more than 20 key provinces and cities with a large number of enterprises and workers.

Through inspection, it was found that some localities have not even developed epidemic prevention plans in industrial parks or construction but not enough, not regularly monitored, so when there are cases in enterprises, it is awkward.

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Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen: Provinces must consolidate and maintain COVID-19 prevention teams in industrial parks operating similarly to community COVID-19 teams. Photo: Nguyen Nhien

“Some localities have not developed or have not fully developed epidemic prevention and control plans in industrial parks and factories. The inspection, supervision and requirements for maintaining employees coming to work in compliance with epidemic prevention and control measures are still limited. The update to the Covid Safety map has only reached 5-10% of the inspected enterprises and factories”- Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen said.

Employers alternate with each other, each worker only sits half a meter apart: The epidemic spreads quickly

From bac Giang bridgehead, Mr. Duong Chi Nam, Deputy Director General of the Department of Health Environment Management, added that through local physical inspection, departments and agencies have not drastically implemented epidemic prevention guidelines in industrial parks, have not checked the risk assessment of each enterprise according to Decision 2194, only a handful of businesses have been tested.

Bac Giang has 6 industrial parks (currently closed 4 zones), more than 1,500 recent cases are concentrated mainly in Viet Yen district. In industrial parks, there are many companies producing electronic components distributed to Thai Nguyen, Bac Ninh … especially there is a situation where employers rotate each other, each worker only sits half a meter apart, so the epidemic spreads very quickly…

In addition, the workers stayed in large numbers. The number of workers in Bac Giang is about 160,000 people, mostly living in hostels. Especially in Viet Yen district, there are villages with only 1,000 inhabitants but more than 9,000 workers staying.

In recent days, the Standing Department of the Ministry of Health has asked Bac Giang People’s Committee to establish 35 delegations similar to Vinh Phuc to guide, inspect and supervise epidemic prevention and control and assess the risk of 100% of enterprises in the industrial park.

These 35 delegations have been carefully trained by the Department of Environment and Health, each member of the delegation consists of 4 people including police, inspectors, not using medical personnel.

In 4 days, 35 delegations were assigned to evaluate all 400 enterprises in industrial parks in Bac Giang and so far have scored 300 units based on 15 criteria such as labor density, risk of infection, factory ventilation, use of masks, epidemic prevention response plan, cleaning and disinfecting at work…

“During the evaluation process, many businesses asked the Provincial People’s Committee for production to resume. However, this is only allowed when the mandatory conditions are met,” Nam said.

Eligible businesses resume operations when there are low and medium risk scores (below 50 points), must have an epidemic prevention plan, have a permanent department to regularly check, urge each workshop to implement 5K, arrange shifts, eat at different times…

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